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What We Offer

Setting a Watch Ministries strives to meet its goal of equipping churches to handle emergency situations by offering crisis preparedness training and site security assessments. The day-long Church Safety for Today Seminar is the most comprehensive resource, but the one to two hour Children's Ministry Staff and Crime Prevention Workshops can be specifically tailored to your ministry.

Setting a Watch offers site assessments to evaluate overall church security. You will receive a report detailing strengths, vulnerabilities, and ideas on increasing church safety.

Setting a Watch travels the country offering the one-day Church Safety For Today seminar geared for large or small churches.

Is a day long seminar too much? Setting a Watch offers 2 different security workshops to educate your staff on practical measures to protect your church. The Children's Ministry Staff Workshop offers ideas for nursery and Sunday School teachers, while the Crime Prevention for Churches Workshop focuses on protecting the congregation during service times.

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