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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a CPTED Practitioner?
Can we conduct our own assessment?
What is CPTED?
What is a CPTED Practitioner?

CPTED (sep'-ted) stands for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.  CPTED is a nationally recognized strategy that endeavors to reduce opportunities for crime that may be inherent in the design of structures or neighborhoods. CPTED can be applied to something as small as a single residence or as large as an entire city.

Setting a Watch has found that using CPTED standards for assessments allows for comprehensive, objective results that offer clear recommendations to correct security flaws.

A CPTED practitioner has been certified in the theory and practice of CPTED and engages in on-going updates and training in the field.  Setting a Watch practitioners are certified through the National Institute of Crime Prevention and must attend an update every 2 years to maintain their status.

Or any other security consultant for that matter?


- A security consult will bring an outside, independent and objective viewpoint to your church 

- A security consultant will bring specialized experience to specifically address your security needs

- A CPTED practitioner has additional, current training that specializes in the area of buildings and campuses

Conducting a self assessment is a good start, especially if your church has a member with a background in law enforcement or security.  However, a fresh set of eyes is always good idea.  Setting a Watch recommends every church self-evaluate, but also encourages an outside assessment by trained professionals to look for additional weaknesses and provide new ideas to address old and new security concerns.

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