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Church and School Safety for Today Seminar

Setting a Watch has designed two versions of this seminar to present proven, cost effective security strategies that can be implemented in churches or schools of any size. 
For the 8-hour seminar, we begin by teaching the basic strategies of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  Attendees learn how to design lighting, landscaping, and numerous other environmental factors of their
campus to reduce opportunities for crime.
Then other topics such as planning for Active Shooter response, building a
safety team, training child care workers to respond to violence, and numerous others are discussed.
Finally, local trainers, insurance representatives, law enforcement agencies,
and other related personnel are invited to attend and explain how their services can support churches when creating their own safety and security policies.
We also offer a 4-hour version in which we focus on prioritizing your resources to maximize your security efforts to the particular needs of your ministry.  We also discuss CPTED and active shooter response.  Local representatives are not present at the 4-hour seminar.
After attending either seminar, you will be equipped to take charge of your own security.  You will better understand the dynamics affecting the security of your organization, helping you to make informed safety decisions.
Click here to learn how your church can host this seminar, or check the menu above for a seminar near you. 
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