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Safety Workshops

Children's Ministry Staff Workshop

This workshop is specifically designed for staff working in the children's ministry. Preparing for an emergency, protecting children, stalling an attacker, and dealing with the aftermath of an emergency are all covered in this workshop. This workshop can be presented to a single church, or several churches can coordinate to send their nursery staff to the workshop. Questions and site specific scenarios are gladly entertained.

Crime Prevention for Churches Workshop

The Crime Prevention for Churches Workshop is designed as a crash course for church leadership or security teams. The workshop focuses on vulnerable areas almost all churches have in common such as parking lots, storage rooms or classrooms left vacant during services. We also present practical and cost effective strategies to help churches protect people and assets during services. This workshop also includes ideas on building relationships with local law enforcement and the community immediately surrounding the church. This course can be adapted to fit individual church needs.


$250                - Up to 25 attendees
$9 per attendee - 25 + attendees
* A travel fee may apply for locations more than 50 miles away from Rock Hill, SC.
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